Pan-Mass Challenge 2019: Why I'm Riding.

I rode the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) for the first time in 2017 and was so overwhelmed by the movement that Billy Starr and his incredible PMC team have built that I made a promise to myself to ride every year for the rest of my life. 

2019 will be my third PMC. And this year, I'm riding with Team Path To The Cure - a group of pediatric oncologists, healthcare professionals and Boston business leaders who are on the frontlines of the war against cancer everyday.  (here’s the link to my fundraising page)

An 80th Birthday Toast to My Father.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone can give another person. He believed in me.” - Jim Valvano

While writing a speech for my dad’s 80th birthday, I thought about all the things I wanted to say to him, and they all came down to one thing - saying thanks. Many times. For everything. So here we go.

How The Marathon Lets The World See Boston's True Soul.

"There's no hate in a marathon crowd." I thought the marathons I’ve run were all about me overcoming myself – but never understood that a marathon is really about crowds of people and their never-cease-to-amaze instinct to help each other when they need it. And that’s why the Boston Marathon might just be the best example of what Boston is really all about.

"We work in marketing - we're not curing cancer" - My PMC 2017 Ride

“We work in marketing. We’re not curing cancer.” 

But what if we could? 

I’ve worked for 25+ years in branding, marketing and innovation with some of the world’s greatest companies. If a dollar had been contributed to cancer research every time someone used the phrase “We’re not curing cancer here…” at work, the disease would’ve been defeated a long time ago. 

I'm doing the next best thing to help cure cancer faster – I’m riding this year’s Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), and our team at Breakaway has become a PMC sponsor and branding / marketing partner. I’m asking for your support in form of a small charitable donation - $25 – that will go directly to the team at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) to help them get closer to a cure faster.

Interview with Candice Peak / A Superpowered Career in Finance + Fitness

Going to the gym is very different now, in many ways because of star trainers who inspire and motivate. I had the opportunity to interview Candice Peak and learn about her Superpowers that enable her to not only balance a full-time career in the financial industry, a very busy class schedule, a modeling career, running marathons, owning a dog and a very active social media presence - but to crush at it all at the highest level. 

adidas: An Original Is Never Finished.

Its not often that advertising still gives goosebumps, but when i saw this amazing new adidas Originals spot during the Grammy Awards Sunday night, the Trefoil that's been in my heart for many, many years swelled with pride.  I started my career with adidas in Germany back in 1990. I was obsessed by the brand as a kid and a dream come true to see the Trefoil logo spinning on the roof of the building in person the first time, let alone have the opportunity to work there. It would've been impossible to not have a Trefoil in my heart after the experiences I had there to live my dream. Because an Original is never finished. 

Company Culture: The Invisible Superpower

Culture is the difference between a good company and a great one.

I've worked in, with, around and on hundreds of companies - great ones, good ones, average ones, and shitty ones - and believe that the great ones all have culture as a Superpower.