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Interview with Candice Peak / A Superpowered Career in Finance + Fitness

Interview with Candice Peak / A Superpowered Career in Finance + Fitness

The most successful gyms have one major thing in common - they have a team of charismatic trainers and instructors who turn their classes into a shared, inspiring experience that gets us addicted. I recently had the opportunity to interview one of Boston's most recognized and followed star trainers - Candice Peak - and learn about the Superpowers that enable her to not only balance a full-time career in the financial industry, a very busy class schedule, a modeling career, running marathons + swimming competitively, owning a dog and a very active social media presence - but to crush it every day at a very high level of performance. (aka Peak Performance)

Going to the gym is very different now than it was a few years ago. Through group fitness experiences like CrossFit, Soulcycle, OrangeTheory, November Project, Spartan Race and many others, working out is now more about community and camaraderie than an hour split between the treadmill, lifting weights and on a couple machines while wearing headphones and tuning out the world. When our team at Breakaway first got involved as investors and brand developers with Everybody Fights (EBF) a couple years ago, we looked very closely at the team that George Foreman III and AJ Rich were building and felt that the exceptional quality of their trainers was one of their main Superpowers. I go to EBF every weekday morning before work and have been blown away by every one the awesome trainers and the community of followers they have all built - at the gym and on social media. Each has a unique story and motivation that ensures that no class is the same, and each has made it their mission to inspire their students / followers in a way that few others are able to. 

Candice is one of the trainers at EBF whose classes I have a season ticket for. As it says on her website, she is "a Boston based fitness instructor (I thoroughly enjoy riding stationary bikes and punching things), financial services professional (I am super grown up and mature), model (TBD...currently trying to figure out what to do with my hands in photographs), former D1 athlete (I will hang onto this title until I die), crazy dog lady (my dog has his own Instagram) who is on the wrong side of 25 (I honestly see this as a positive)."

(Her words, not mine). Here are more of her words:

What are you doing now? Tell us a bit about it?

"By day I work for an investment management firm in downtown Boston and by very early morning and weekends I am an indoor cycling instructor at The Handle Bar / Trainer at EverybodyFights." 

What led you down the path that you’re on now?

"I’m not entirely sure what “path” I am on, all I know is that I enjoy each of the jobs I do. Working in a fast paced, competitive environment is something I am drawn to. I think that environment applies to what I do inside an office & outside at fitness studios & gyms. I’m always looking for that next step, or how I can improve, or how I can be the best."

We’re writing your biography. What’s its title and the line that goes with it that sums you up?

"I Am Not Beyonce….but I am trying to run the world."

What are your Superpowers? 

"Time management. Reading social cues. Sarcasm. Being inclusive."

How / When did you discover them?

"I think I was born with a Google calendar already set up but all the others have come with experience."

Have you had to work to develop them? How?

"Being a student-athlete my whole life forced me to fine tune managing my time.  I was a competitive swimmer from 14 years and the time required for swimming alone is astronomical. Add school onto that and there is no way you can succeed at both unless you use your time VERY wisely. Reading social cues has developed the most over the years. I am around so many different types of people over the course of the day & I have to adapt to act appropriately in order to connect and/or make someone feel comfortable."

"The thought of someone feeling like an outsider makes me cringe. I have been and still do feel like an outsider at times & I know how much it can hurt. I do my best to be as inclusive, approachable, & welcoming as I can be and hope it spreads to other people. My parents have always taught me to be open minded & to not look down at anyone regardless of their background, age, race, etc."

Are you able to use your superpowers in your career?

"Everyday. Without them I don’t know where I would be right now." 

What are you most passionate about?

"Helping people realize their strength & value. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we handle on a day to day basis. It’s OK to think you’re awesome!"

If you could choose any career, what would you do? Why?

"An inventor so I could invent a way to extend the length of a day and I could teach more fitness classes."

What keeps you up at night?

"Besides getting lost on Instagram or Wikipedia? Thinking about all the stuff I want to do but can’t because apparently sleep is necessary to survive." 

What gets you going in the morning?

"The thought of 40+ people waiting for me to play fire jams and listen to my voice over a microphone at 6am."

Who inspires you most in work + life?

"This is an impossible question to answer because my list could be 10 pages long. There are so many unreal people in my life that inspire me for different reasons and I am beyond thankful to be surrounded by them." 

What Superpower(s) do you wish you had?

"The ability to not over analyze every decision or thing I do. I am an over thinker and wish I could “just got for it” but sometimes the unknown is very scary to me. I’d also love to be able to clone myself but I think I would be the only one who would enjoy that." 

What is your kryptonite?

"Those freshly made gingersnap cookies from Whole Foods." 

What was your career plan when you were young(er)?

"It changed every ten minutes but my favorite was a babysitter and a cashier." 

Have you had to change your career path? 

"Drastically? No, but a career is an evolution. There have been little changes/setbacks along the way and there will be more down the line." 

What is your greatest career regret?

"I always wish I could have worked in another city or country. I suppose it’s still possible!" 

What are your life + career goals right now?

"Whether it’s me inspiring someone else to be better or it’s me improving to be a better version of myself, my goal is to end every week feeling like I accomplished something for the greater good." 

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

"Having the opportunity to donate bone marrow to a stranger. I put myself on the bone marrow donor registry a few years ago and ended up being a match last year for someone with blood cancer. I have been blessed with a healthy body and being able to share that with someone who needs it is amazing." 

Who is your hero in real life?

"My younger brothers." 

Which companies do you admire the most?

"Specifically to the fitness world, I admire the two studios I teach for. EverybodyFights and The Handle Bar both have strong leaders that believe in building an inclusive community in a not so inclusive world. They stay true to what they believe in and that is why I chose to align myself with each. Representing them is an honor."

You can follow The Adventures Of Candice Peak on Instagram, Twitter, her blog, Spotify, every major and minor social media network, her class schedule, and wherever Wisconsin sports are televised. (Just don't stand too close - the hair flip will decapitate you).

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